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This is the All Stars Poker tips pages, and we feel that this is the most important set of pages within this entire poker web site. Poker definitely has an element of luck, however it is also very much a game of skill.

The WSOP players are there because they are great, fundamentally sound poker players that understand all aspects of the game of poker. From the cards dealt, to bluffing, to betting, to folding, these experts eliminate much chance by truly understanding the game.

There was a time when these poker all stars first delved into the depths of poker, and were rookies looking for tips and guidance as well.

So for all you potential WSOP future all stars, have a look at the following pages, as we believe you will find very helpful information to get you on your way.

Here are a few important tips that will help you to become a better poker player.
  1. Practise makes perfect. The more you practise, the better poker player you will become.
  2. Start playing with fake money. Better to learn the game of poker with fake money, than playing with your own, and losing your shirt.
  3. If you find yourself losing at a table, then leave. Odds are, you are at a table where the players are at a higher skill level.
  4. Don't play every hand. You don't have to play every hand at a poker table. Opt to sit out a hand or two to observe your poker opponents.
  5. *Fold them* if you have nothing. There is always the next hand.
Combine these 5 tips with the starting hand table(credit to Lou Kreiger and the Poker Players Bible) on the next poker tips page, and you will definitely be on your way to becoming the next WSOP champ.

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