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Poker Terminology

Here are a few of the more common poker terms that you will certainly come across in your enjoyable playing time.

All Stars Poker Terminology
RERAISE: raising the bet of an opponent who has already bet
RIVER: The final card that preceds the last round of betting
SEVEN-CARD STUD: Poker game in which 2 cards are dealt down, 4 cards face up, and 1 final card dealt down. Use the best 5 of 7 cards to form your hand
SHOWDOWN: Betting is over and players still in, showing their cards face up
SHORT-STACK: When a player is running low on chips
SLOW PLAY: Playing a great hand as though it were weaker to draw more money into the pot
STREET: Betting round following the intro of a new card or cards during play
TEXAS HOLD'EM: Form of poker where 2 cards are dealt down to each player, then 5 cards are dealt face up, most popular form of poker today
THE NUTS: The best hand possible at any point in a given pot
THE TURN: The fouth community card to be revealed in Omaha and Texas hold'em
WHALE: An experienced poker player looking to take money from newbies
WSOP: The world series of poker is a series of prestigious poker tournaments

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