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Poker Terminology

Here are a few of the more common poker terms that you will certainly come across in your enjoyable playing time.

All Stars Poker Terminology
CONNECTOR/S: Dealt cards that are sequenced, such as 8 and 9, or a 5 and a 6
CUT OFF SEAT: The seat to the right of the button in Hold'em and Omaha
FISH: A beginner poker player
FLOP: The first 3 cards flipped in Hold'em and Omaha
FOLD: Throw dealt cards away and withdraw from the current hand
HITTING THE FLOP: When your initial cards are greatly helped from the flop
HOLE CARDS: Any cards dealt down to a player, basically you're private cards
OMAHA: A variation of Hold'em, in which you use 2 of your 4 cards combined with the 3 of the community
OMAHA/8: A version of Omaha where the best high hand and the best low hand split the pot
ON TILT: When a player starts to become unglued due to a beaten hand by a inferior hand
POCKET PAIR: Being dealt a pair in Texas hold'em or Omaha
POKER: No brainer here
POT: The ammount of chips wagered and won for the given hand
POT-LIMIT: Players bet is limited by the current size of the pot
RAISE: Up the bet in the currnet hand
RAKE: A percentage of the pot taken by the poker room

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